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My art – Mark Love

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Di ffrench

Julian Maher Process

View Artwork Tanya Ashken Exhibition Featured Image

Tanya Ashken

View Artwork DF Theatre of the Non-Body Exhibition Featured Image

Di ffrench – Theatre of the Non-Body

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Rose Me Tender

Croix Williamson Works

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Hamish Horsley – Earth Rising

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View Artwork Marion Beaupere Feature image

Marion Beaupère

View Artwork Edward Povey Feature Image

Edward Povey

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Collaborative Works

View Artwork 171002 Feature Image Marian Fountain In Our Hands

In Our Hands – Marian Fountain

View Artwork 171129 Simon Ogden Rack Card Feature Image

Lines from a Song

View Artwork WEb Feature 2

Matheson Beaumont

View Artwork Featured image 483a Petite Pousse 24 x 20 x 10 Paris 2014

Marian Fountain

View Artwork Jewellery Feature Image

Marian Fountain Jewellery

View Artwork Feature Image Arnolfini

Di ffrench – Enduring Legacy

View Artwork Etchings Feature Image

Works on Paper – spanning 4 centuries

Innovative & Cohesive bodies of work

View Artwork 180114 John Drawbridge DCC Events

John Drawbridge Paintings

Project Management

View Artwork DSC_0983

Peter Nicholls


View Artwork 16-11-28 a Rack Card - Clive Barker

Clive Barker – A Private Collection


View Artwork 16-12-19 Rack Card John Drawbridge no bleed

John Drawbridge

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View Artwork Art Thumbnail - First Light 1

First Light

View Artwork Art Thumbnails - Cecilia Orr

Cecilia Jane Orr

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View Artwork Artwork Thumbnail - Julian Maher

Julian Maher

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Small Works

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Metal Art for the Wall

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Sarah Rohlack

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Jane Orr

View Artwork Art Thumbnail - Lawrie Forbes

Lawrence Forbes

View Artwork Art Thumbnail - Mark Love 1

Mark Love

View Artwork Art THumbnail - Megan Schmidt 1

Megan Schmidt

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View Artwork Art THumbnail - Ishmael Soto

Ishmael Soto

View Artwork Artwork Thumbnail - Chris Cander

Chris Cander

View Artwork Art Thumbnail - Exhibition Transcending

Transcending Pathos

View Artwork Listening Spiral; steel 
Croix Williamson

Croix Williamson

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Paintings + Drawings

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Medium Works

View Artwork Untitled; photograph 
Venessa Hill

Venessa Hill

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Mixed Media

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View Artwork Artwork - Lila Downs 3


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Large Works

View Artwork Artwork - On Track 5

James Miller

Lawrie Forbes Works

Cecilia Orr Process

Cecilia Orr Works


Ishmael Soto BIO

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