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What the Wimberley area has to offer...

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Ramon, a local artist, shows off his talent in a BIG way!
Piece of Heaven
Cypress Creek in the middle of town.
Cypress Creek 3
Wimberley has numerous low water crossings that can be great fun!
A popular swimmin' hole in Woodcreek just below a great burger joint with a 2-story deck for viewing the beautiful scenery.
Cypress Creek 2
One of our local eateries that boasts a bar and outside music venue.
Cypress Creek Cafe
Blue Hole - need I say more?
Blue Hole

What the Wimberley area has to offer…

Wimberley is located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. This eclectic artist community located +-45 minutes southwest of Austin and +-1.25 hour northeast of San Antonio, has significant amounts of flowing water in the form of rivers, creeks, dry creeks, tributaries, etc. Wimberley is also the home to the Corral Theater, one of the last walk-in outdoor theaters in the US. (Bring your own lawn-chair if you like, but most certainly don’t bring your own popcorn, because the Corral has the best ever.) The town fairly recently purchased Blue Hole, which was a privately owned stretch of land on Cypress Creek that has giant Cypress trees growing along the banks with rope swings for the adventurous flying swimmers. Have I mentioned the Wimberley Zip Line Adventures? Yes, we have quite the renowned one here. Come check it out, along with Wimberley Market Days, 7-A Ranch Resort and of course, our cute little town has great shopping.