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Croix Williamson joins Fe29

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Croix & Cecilia making plans.
Croix & Cecilia
A 5 Square Knot.
Artwork - 5 Square Knot sm
Ball Spiral made out of 1" thick steel.
Ball Spiral
A larger 5 Square Knot.
Artwork - 5 Square Knot lg
Croix working on our new gate.
Croix in workshop

Croix Williamson joins Fe29

Croix Williamson is a very talented young fellow that has been pursuing his love of art for many years. His experience as a blacksmith/metalworker has given his creative side a natural place to flow. And, flow it does! Check out the images of his latest “5 Square Knots”. He says he has never been good at math, but I’m not sure I believe him, as he uses math to work out the complicated schematics for each of these before he picks up his torch and commences cutting.  Then comes the bending, and assembling, and…  Voila! A 5-Square Knot results.  And, that’s not all he’s good at. Check out all of his other works on our site and stay tuned, as he’s just getting revved up.

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