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Fitting out The Lab

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Two hoists should make it easier to handle the larger works
Manuel and Cecilia working on some more table frames.
Manuel & CJ
Me welding wheels on our tables.
Meg Welding the Wheels
Our new Victor rig
New Victor Rig
Manuel working on a stand for the railroad iron for Cecilia's hammering station.
Building On Track
Our pride and joy, the new 3-in-1 Shear-Brake-Roll. You should have seen Cecilia & I and unloading this 1,200 lb. piece of equipment!
Shear Brake Roll Arrived
The security system...
Security System in Place

Fitting out The Lab

With the shop completed, the job of gathering tools and materials began in earnest. RC kindly left behind some purlins to make tables, and a welder (until we could get one of our own) and grinders that were easy to use for smaller hands. Our wonderful worker Manuel pitched in and we all got stuck in building tables, a hammering station, shelves & racks. John Gallagher appeared with a trailer load of timber (mahogany, long leaf pine, locust, maple, etc), boats and some old masts, all of which will be invaluable in future projects. A number of trips to the metal and scrap yards and we now have an impressive array of materials for our artists.

Thank you RC, John, Manuel and all of those who helped us get up and running.

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