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Inside the Fe29 Lab

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Cecilia discusses a work with potential new Fe29 artist Venessa Hill
V in Shop 2
Potential New Fe29 artist Venessa Hill, checks out the hoists.
V in Shop 4
These 12' doors on all four sides make such a difference in the temperature in The Lab during the summer, as they significantly increase air circulation.
Workshop Interior Doors
Artworks and our new front gate in progress. Stay tuned!
Workshop Interior 2
Moving on towards dusk, the lights have been turned on...
Workshop Interior West

Inside the Fe29 Lab

Well, change is a commonplace word around here, as things change on a regular basis, let me tell you. The grounds and facilities of Fe29 outside the small Texas hill country town of Wimberley are a peaceful and safe place and one in which creative juices flow freely. I have included a sampling of photos taken inside the Art Lab so you can see how lucky we are! Notice the large I-Beam across the center with two hoists for lifting heavy artworks or materials. It sure came in handy when unloading our new 1200lb shear, brake, roll and the railroad iron used in the sculpture “On Track”. Check out the galvanized metal walls protecting the 12″ of insulation from the flames and sparks generated around here on a regular basis. High end Low-E French doors have been re-purposed into windows – one that allows for a line of sight from inside the Art Lab up to the second floor deck of the Coop, and the other one that allows artists working in the finishing room to check out progress in the main shop. A couple of years ago a friend donated a large 12′ x 7′ insulated door to our cause. It turned out to be perfect for the giant pocket door between the main room of the Lab and the Finishing room. We also have racks for storage of materials and art (completed and in-process), as well as a scaffold and of course a myriad of hand and power tools.

So, check out our website and if you are interested in any aspect of what we do, please come on out to Wimberley, as we love to visit about Art. See “Contact us” for just that! See you soon…


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