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Preparing for the Wimberley opening

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Manuel clearing a track for the proposed sculpture walk.
Clearing a track
Megan taking branches to the fire.
Megan Clearing
Burning some of what's been cleared for the sculpture walk through the woods.
Now I know where the old adage "he's growing like a weed" comes from!
Megan Weeding
Placing one of Croix's "5-Square Knots" in the gallery.
CJ & Croix sculpture
Hanging "Umbilical Cord' on the curved wall.
Hanging Artwork

Preparing for the Wimberley opening

We’ve been busy getting ready to open the Fe29 Art Lab here in Wimberley to the public. And boy is there a lot to do. ¬†Manuel has been busy chainsawing and burning and we now have a pretty good walking track through our 5 heavily wooded acres. The plan is to turn this into a sculpture walk. We have had a couple of our artists working here over the weekend. They are ceramists Sarah Rohlack and Daniel Armstrong, and they have been working on a project to build a tiled bench seat for the walk.

We’ve been mowing lawns, and cleaning up the gardens. The rain sure helped green things up around here, but then of course it also got the grass and weeds growing like, well weeds I guess. ¬†Our ride on mower gave up a few weeks back and we have been dependent on artist friend Mark Love, who very kindly loaned us his mower, until this weekend when we managed to secure a replacement. Thank you Mark!

We have also been accumulating artworks – quite a lot of artworks – sculptures, ceramics, jewelry, furniture, paintings & metal artwork for the walls.We have been framing and mounting, and setting up gallery spaces. And then there’s this pesky website, and the signs and rack cards we need to let everyone know where to find us. So much to do! But don’t panic, we’re almost there.

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