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Visit our gallery in downtown Austin!

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This is the other side of our building. We arelocated across Brazos street
from the Frost Bank Tower.
Back of Brazos Lofts
We have mounted a TV screen with a slideshow containing some interesting tidbits about Fe29. Check it out...
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Please sign our guest book at the front table while you're here.
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The handicapped ramp leads to our entrance on the right. Don't get confused with the other businesses' signage across the front windows of our gallery.
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Visit our gallery in downtown Austin!

We’ve been trying out a small gallery space in downtown Austin to test the proverbial waters. We call it our Satellite Gallery and it has a great location – between 4th & 5th Streets on the east side of Brazos St. (which is 1 block east of Congress).

10 years ago, Cid Galindo, our landlord had the forethought to turn one of the very large first floor condo units into, not only his living quarters and office, but also 6 additional offices that generate income for him, as well as a shared space that he hoped would be used as a gallery. This space has a conference table, which can be reserved by any of the tenants for meetings during the week. We have leased this gallery space in order to have a presence in Austin and a comfortable space to meet with our clients that may find this location more convenient than driving to Wimberley. There is a significant amount of art hanging in this small space and we will be using the gallery to hold exhibitions on an ongoing basis.

As we also have gallery space at The Art Lab in Wimberley, we frequently switch out works between the two depending upon needs at the time. For instance, we are in the process of preparing to launch Fe29 in Wimberley and will need to have a representative sample of all of the types of work that we have produced to date for the opening, so have taken some of the works from the Satellite Gallery and will replace them after the opening. Please note however, that we do not staff the Satellite Gallery. Visitors are encouraged to drop in during normal business hours and peruse our works, but don’t expect the good looking fellow sitting behind the double doors in what appears to be the curator’s office to jump up and ask if you need assistance, as he is Cid, simply working in his office.



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