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Fe29 Gallery, Saint Clair, Dunedin

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Visitors to the Fe29 Gallery in Saint Clair, Dunedin can view a range of artworks including many by artists not previously seen in galleries in New Zealand. The works are displayed in a relaxed home environment, making a comfortable place for the viewing of art, and making it easier for clients to imagine how the works might look in their own homes.

Artworks range from original etchings by renowned European artists from the 1600′s, to contemporary paintings, drawings and other works by artists from NZ and further afield.

In keeping with the relaxed atmosphere, visitors are welcome to wander  through the grounds, where sculptures and other works are displayed among the gardens.

The Fe29 Gallery offers a range of artworks for sale, from jewelry and ceramics to furniture, sculpture and large mixed media artworks for the wall. Work sold in the gallery includes pieces by individual artists working with Fe29, pieces resulting from collaborative projects initiated and coordinated through Fe29, as well as works collected by the gallery.

The collaborative works are unique in that they are the result of a one time collaboration between a unique group of artists, usually working in a range of mediums, and brought together specifically for that project. While the same artists may be involved in future Fe29 collaborations, each project will involve a mix of artists specific to that project.

The Fe29 Gallery is open 7 days a week, and by appointment (021.453.418).