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Cecilia Orr Process

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Cecilia Process

Drawing and expanding on techniques initially developed for her jewelry, many of Cecilia’s larger works involve creating images on copper. She uses heat and chemicals to develop an extensive color palette, and techniques such as layering, hammering, and amalgamation to provide a wide range of textures. Different temperatures and types of heat are used to get the range of colors with the images achieved by building the color in layers. Chemicals are used to help define the images, in much the same way as in painting.

“I don’t usually work from drawings but from my heart with each piece being worked until it reflects the feelings inside me. I usually start with the shaping and then build the textures and colors until they feel right. As I work on the individual elements, I take time to think about the framing and mounting which are important components of the works rather than an afterthought. They help direct or challenge the eye, build on feelings evoked by the work and can offer the viewer options.”

Since working in collaboration with other artists, Cecilia’s work has changed significantly. Her newer works are more abstract and she has introduced new materials and techniques. While she previously created only two dimensional artworks for the wall, First Light includes her first free standing sculptures and furniture.

Cecilia likes to work in a variety of sizes and forms but gets great satisfaction from creating the larger works, her latest being 20ft x 4 ft  x1 ft. Her works take on a different look and feel depending on the environment. “I have seen them fit well into restaurants, corporate offices and homes that range from ranch to contemporary. In each situation they seem to develop a different personality.”  Client

Cecilia particularly enjoys commissions where the real fun comes from the challenge of finding within herself the emotion that will enable her to create the unique piece that will be right for the client. Gaining an understanding of the client’s personality, the site and what they want from the artwork, is critical to the success of the commission.