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Cecilia Orr Works

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Cecilia Work 220 x 147

The works signed Jane Orr were completed prior to Cecilia’s first collaboration and were primarily influenced by the beautiful landscapes around her. All works after this were signed Cecilia Orr.

Transcending Pathos came after Cecilia’s first encounter with Julian and is a significant work for her. Impacted by the power portrayed in Julian’s paintings and feeling great empathy for her story, this work attempts to communicate recognition of the familiar and offer a means to peace through change of perspective. “This work helped me to trust my process, allowing my movements to be freely guided by my heart without interference from my head.

The results continued to thrill as she recognized the imagery created, more clearly and completely articulated what was in her heart. Territory not only spoke of  unlocking grief but also of newly recognized elements of herself. Umbilical Cord articulated a growing recognition that “my son would never be lost to me”. Passage, Separation and An Angel were completed in response to a meaningful connection with a client also experiencing significant loss.

“The intention of all of these works was not to dwell on the horror of grief but rather to look to the power of the beauty that accompanies it.”

A-Table and Rough Around the Edges, were Cecilia’s first pieces of furniture. Starting with large and heavy found objects, Cecilia challenged herself to create elegant tables where the thin tops would float, almost as if unsupported. Chemicals were used in the table top of Rough Around the Edges to create an image similar in vein to Steel Structures created by Julian in oil. Being true to her ideal of a simple and functional design, the A-table was designed to be taken apart and reconfigured.

The remaining works are collaborations between Cecilia and Julian Maher