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Cecilia Jane Orr

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Departure; copper, zinc & steel
Cecilia Orr
Artworks - Departure
An Angel; copper, zinc & steel
Cecilia Orr
Artworks - An Angel
A-Table; iron, steel, aluminum & glass
Cecilia Orr
Artworks - A-Table
In Memory of; copper, zinc & steel
Cecilia Orr
Artworks - In memory
Corporeal; galvanized iron and steel
Cecilia Orr in collaboration with Julian Maher
Artwork - Corporeal
Passage; copper, zinc & steel
Cecilia Orr
Artworks - Passage
Territory; copper, steel, recycled timber & Kwila
Cecilia Orr
Artworks - Territory
Prologue; paint, charcoal & copper on board with steel
Cecilia Orr in collaboration with Julian Maher
Artwork - Prologue
Rough Around the Edges; iron & steel
Cecilia Orr
Artworks - Rough Around the Edges
Separation; copper & steel
Cecilia Orr
Artworks - Separation
Spirits, copper, zinc & steel
Cecilia Orr
Artworks - Spirits
Transcending Pathos; copper, steel & Kwila
Cecilia Orr
Artworks - Transcending Pathos
Two Planes; steel
Cecilia Orr in collaboration with Julian Maher
Artwork - Two Planes
Umbilical Cord; copper
Cecilia Orr
Artworks - Umbilical Cord
Transcendence; copper, steel & Oak, with poem
Artwork - Transcendence

While up until her first collaboration Cecilia Jane had always signed her work as Jane Orr. As a result of the collaborative process, her works felt so different that she decided to use Cecilia Orr for all works completed after this.

After more than 20 years as a self-employed management consultant working on projects around the world, Cecilia’s interest in art began while on assignment in Europe and Scandinavia. Feeling so moved by the works she had seen, on returning to NZ between contracts, she took a class in jewelry making, before commencing experimentation with a torch and a few pieces of copper. Adding silver and gold, she soon developed her own style of wearable art. This was the beginning of a new career in Art.

In 2004 she moved to the tourist town of Wanaka to help her son open a café. She continued to make jewelry, moving onto larger works in 2005 when invited to produce architectural pieces for a new restaurant. It was at Te Tawara o Wanaka that she began displaying her larger works, bringing them to the attention of national and international visitors.

Cecilia moved back to Dunedin in early 2007 turning a 2 storied home by the beach into a home studio and gallery.

Her move into collaborative art came in 2008, after meeting fellow artist Julian Maher. Recognizing a common interest in collaboration, and similarities in their work, Julian moved into Cecilia’s home studio and over the next 6 months they created some 30 works for their first collaborative exhibition, Transcending Pathos. A number of these works are included in the Fe29 opening exhibition, First Light.

After completing several more collaborative art projects in New Zealand, Cecilia traveled to the US to investigate the possibility of helping to establish a collaborative art projects company. Cecilia assisted new business partner Megan establish Fe29, and  in late 2011 they initiated the first collaborative art project involving a painter, furniture maker, poet and welder. The project works were exhibited in Fe29’s opening exhibition, First Light.

For more information on Cecilia’s  Materials and Process and Works