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Croix Williamson Works

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Croix working

The inspiration for Croix’s latest works comes from his recognition that in a seemingly chaotic universe, there is in fact order in everything in nature. There are patterns that keep repeating, and in his works he  creates repeating patterns, similar to those that can be seen in a chain of dna or a crystalline structure. Nature creates patterns to protect us and we, as part of nature, create architectural structures, also to protect. Croix likens his creation of these structures to the formation of a nautilus shell, not to protect himself, rather to mimic crabs, snails and the like. Theoretically these patterns could repeat and stack out virtually endlessly.

When I draw I like to take patterns and change them slightly as I go along, just as nature throws in something to change the mark ever so slightly. That’s evolution.”

Croix also creates his patterns in a circular (or semi-circular) shape as he sees the patterns in nature creating around a single central point; radiating in all directions, like the waves in a magnetic field and the orbit of the earth, creating gravity. The same can be seen in the seemingly endless circular movement of the solar system, around the single central point where everything began. Croix sees his pieces as perhaps a metaphor for life, starting at a single point and continuing to build out from there …. always evolving.