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Croix Williamson

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Listening Spiral; steel
Croix Williamson
Artwork - Listening Spiral
Ball Spiral, steel
Croix Williamson
Artwork - Ball Spiral
Window Spiral, steel
Croix Williamson
Artwork - Window Spiral
5 Square Knot 1; steel
Croix Williamson
Artwork - 5 Square Knot 1
5 Square Knot 2, steel
Croix Williamson
Artwork - 5 Square Knot 2
Untitled; steel
Croix Williamson
Artwork - Orange Half Ball
Untitled, steel
Croix Williamson
Artwork - Spiral Half Ball
Croix Williamson 930 x 456

Croix is a 34 year old Austin, Texas native, who has been making art since childhood. Raised in an artistic family and tutored in painting by Steve Alexander, Croix studied at the College of Santa Fe receiving a BA in Studio Arts.

Croix worked for various artists in New Mexico from 2003-07, including Peter Joseph, Jeff Overlie, Rico Eastman, and Dana Chodzko who has continued to fulfill the role of mentor. He gained valuable experience working at the Shidoni Foundry in Santa Fe, and as an artist for the Kason Group in Tijeras, NM

Croix’s work was exhibited in Santa Fe over a number of years. In 2004/5 he showed at the Center for Contemporary Arts, and in 2006/7 his works were included in the Feral Art Tour. Croix also exhibited his work  at Gerald Peters Gallery (Young and Upcoming artists), Barbara Bowles Gallery, and also in the multimedia show Illumin in 2011.

Since returning to Austin, in support of his art, Croix has been involved in blacksmithing and ironwork. He assisted well known blacksmith and sculptor Lars Stanley with fabrication of sculptures, and architectural ornamental ironwork. He also worked for architect Mark Meyers, converting shipping containers into mobile restaurants. Croix gained valuable experience working for Nick Brumder, who studied under world renowned blacksmith Francis Whitaker.

Croix has continued to create art and has been involved in exhibitions in the Pump Project 2010, Pump Project Satellite (2010), East Austin Studio Tour (2008/10/11), West Austin Studio Tour 2012 and Austin Bergstrom Airport (2010/12).

Croix’s latest works impressed Fe29 management, who are keen to assist him both in development of his ideas and in helping him find solutions to the constraints that are preventing him from implementing these ideas in a way that is practicable, self supporting and in the end financially rewarding for him.

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