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Di ffrench

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17-04-24 - Lady of Shalott 2
17-04-24 - Lady of Shalott
17-04-24 - Image Seeking Its Text
17-04-24 - Taking Possession
17-04-24 - The Awakening
17-04-24 - Coding
17-04-24 - Hunter Warrior Smaller
17-04-24 - Hunter Warrior Helmet
DI FFRENCH (1946 – 1999)
“For more than 20 years she had developed a diverse arts practice encompassing sculptural installation, performance, photography, film and teaching. My own memories of her are also infused with experiences of her warmth and generosity, her tenacious passion and commitment, and her unwavering ability to grab hold of difficult issues and demand that others think, and respond as passionately as herself.  For one looking for models of the artist as a citizen – the artist committed to communication and dialogue about matters of public importance – Di ffrench was a mentor. She also made stunningly beautiful, and often damned difficult work” Rob Garret (Art consultant/Curator)