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Fe29 Gallery has a selection of Edward Povey paintings, drawings and lithographs for sale. These works are from 1973 to late 2015, covering a large portion of his career.


1972-73    Eastbourne College for Art and Design: Fine Art

Foundation Course: studies drawing.
Works through The South Coast Period of paintings.
Studio: South Coast of England.

1974-81    University of Wales: studied painting under Welsh artist Selwyn Jones.
Public and private commissions: twenty-five multistory murals in Wales and England: documented by the BBC and British National Newspapers.
Studios: Bethesda and Bangor City, Wales.
Studies composition and portraiture.
Shows at the Royal Exchange, London; Bangor City Museum, Wales.

1981-82    Commission: The Trial of Saint Deiniol: 19-panel, 18 x 21 ft. painting.
Studio: Shropshire, England.

1982-86    The New York Times send photographer Dith Pran (on whom the movie The Killing Fields was based) to photograph Povey in New York with The Trial of Saint Deiniol painting at Art Expo New York 1986. Povey is advised by George Bush Senior’s former campaign manager Zena Temkin on shaping his public persona.

The BBC film Edward Povey with former President of the Royal Academy of Art in London – Sir Hugh Casson KCVO, RA, RDI in which Sir Hugh interviews Povey about his art career. Public and private commissions for collections in the United States, London, Wales, Belgium, West Indies.
Studies symbolism and trains in color with Jan de Maere in Brussels and works through the Tapestry Period of paintings.
Studio: Grenada, West Indies.

1987-91    Studies psychology and narrative in art whilst he builds the extensive Childhood, Illusion and Desire Period of paintings.
Studio: Guisborough, England courtesy of the town mayor.
Shows in Belgium, London, New York.

1992-93    Public commission: Hall of Illusion mural: 20 X 40 ft. interior oil painting in the Chamber Concert Hall of the University of Wales.

The commission is followed by BBC Television, S4C Television; BBC Radio Four and regional and national newspapers.
Studios: Guisborough, England; Bangor City, Wales.
Designs the composition on the island of Grenada, West Indies.

1994-96 Deepens his studies in the relationship between art and the psyche.
Researches new ways to evolve concepts with models using theaters and elaborate staging and   costumes.
The BBC follows his evolution, in both his professional and personal lives.
He continues through the Childhood, Illusion and Desire Period of paintings, and begins The Psychology and Philosophy Period of paintings.
Studios: Wales – courtesy of the University of Wales, Florida, West Indies.
Shows in London, New York, San Francisco, New Orleans, Beverley Hills, Scottsdale, Miami, Hong Kong, Brussels, Wales, France.

1997-99  Invited to join the Royal Cambrian Academy of Art.
Museums in Britain and the USA begin acquiring Povey works.
The National Library Museum of Wales acquire three Povey works for the nation.
BBC Radio create a Diary Program following Povey on his research for his paintings and sculptures: France, London, and Wales.
Begins sculpting, public and private, as an extension to his forms in paint, furthering his Psychology and Philosophy Period of paintings.

Studios: Wales.
Shows in Singapore, New Orleans, New York, London.

2000-01  In Style Magazine: May 2001: Will Wonders Never Cease, article showing Eric McCormack (actor of Will and Grace sitcom) with an Edward Povey painting in his collection.
The Lord Chamberlain invites Edward Povey to Buckingham Palace to meet with Her Majesty the Queen of England and The Prince of Wales.
Continues to integrate the psyche into his art.
Studios: Wales, Spain.
Shows in Wales, France, San Francisco, New Orleans.

2002-04  Deepens his approach to design, studying and evolving ideas extensively before beginning on canvas, and develops his creative Working Methods Period.

By July 2003 he enters his Pain Beauty and Memory Period of paintings.
Studios: Grenada, West Indies, California, Florida, Wales.
Shows in Wales, France, Barcelona, San Francisco, New Orleans, West Palm Beach.
2005       The Times Newspaper, London: Povey’s Hall of Illusion Mural oil painting is named one of the ten most important university-owned artworks in Britain.
Studies form in London art museums, continuing his Pain Beauty and Memory Period paintings.
                 Studios: California, Florida and Wales.
Shows in New Orleans, West Palm Beach, Wales.

2006-07    Proposed for a knighthood for his services to the world of art. Knighthood Proposal supported by Ken Owen – playwright; the Chancellor of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; The Artistic Director of the Welsh  National Theater; the Head of BBC Wales; the Head of Arts and Culture for BBC Wales; Lady Anglesey.
Studios: Wales, Florida.
Shows in Wales, West Palm Beach; Virginia Beach Contemporary Art Museum.

2008-10    BBC Television, ITV Television, S4C Television and regional newspapers celebrate Povey’s contribution to art in Britain.
Enters a period of transition in the visual language employed in his paintings.

During this evolution he withdraws from gallery representation, seeking a seclusion   which will serve his research.
He privately explores through his Emotional Expression Period of paintings.
Moves to build an isolated studio in the USA.

2011-12    MOMA Wales authors Edward Povey book.

Discusses his career, in which Povey created more than 3500 artworks with subsequent placement into 600 public, corporate and private collections in 16 countries.
The BBC and the Public Catalogue Foundation (UK) Partnership published most of Povey’s publicly owned works in their Your Paintings Project

which has put the     UK’s entire national collection of over 210,000 oil paintings online.

Continues to decline representation by commercial galleries during a period of reevaluation of his painting.

2013-14    Garmon Press (UK) publishes the first five volumes of the Public Catalogue Foundation series Oil Paintings in Public Ownership.

Povey works appear in four of the five initial volumes. More are expected in subsequent volumes.

A BBC interview with Huw Roberts – former head of BBC Wales – appears: An Improper Marriage: Abstraction and Realism, in which he discusses his new exploration, employing larger canvases and complex methods of harvesting imagery, abandoning his previous approaches to painting and advancing into a more challenging and also more direct, visceral style.

He combines realistic forms with pure abstract forms in the same paintings, giving rise to a seamless ‘visual language’: one that opens the door to new and eloquent possibilities in style and meaning, and which is considerably more impactful on live viewers of his paintings.

Continues to work in his isolated studio in the USA.

Returns to the public art world to publish his ideas, and accepts shows at Art Palm Beach, Atlanta, New Orleans.