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Hamish Horsley - Earth Rising

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171029 - Earth and Sky
171029 - Reflections
171029 - Evolving Forms
171029 - Night Crossing - Oslo
171029 - Wild Earth II
171029 - Pyramid
171029 - River & Fire over Water
171029 - Constellation
171029 - Wild Sea III
171029 - Wild Sea
171029 - 2 Small Works
171029 - Drawing
171029 - Earth Rising
171029 - Suryaprabha
171029 - Totem
171029 - Vessel
171029 - Oracle
171029 - Wave
171029 - Fragmentation


Hamish’s work embraces the spirit and energy of nature, reflecting the harmony and change in landscape and culture. The rhythms, layers and forms that emanate from the natural world are the underlying essence for his work as sculptor, painter and photographer.
Born and raised in Whanganui, Hamish moved to London, where he graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1986. Remaining in London for over 35 years, he worked as a professional artist and teacher, building an impressive reputation with many significant and often monumental public art commissions and private projects. His work is found throughout the UK, Northern Europe, the Middle East and more recently India, Vietnam and Thailand (his second home).
Hamish’s iconic public and private art projects range in scale from small, intricately carved fountains to large public sculptures, such as the internationally renowned Tibetan Peace Garden in Central London. Each work is designed to reflect the unique character of the specific site, while also showcases Horsley’s distinctive style. “My objective with both public and private commissions is to create a visual harmony – a natural empathy between the sculpture and its environment”
Currently based in Whanganui and looking soon to move to Dunedin, Hamish plans to continue creating his unique public and private commissions. This exhibition showcases works in stone alongside some of Hamish’s paintings on paper.