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Julian Maher Process

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Julian Working

Materials and Process

The works signed Julian Maher, are in some way or another considered collaborations. With the exception of Prologue, which was Julian’s first collaboration with Cecilia, the works are heavily influenced by the collaborative process. They show clear differences in style, technique and subject matter from that in works signed Megan Schmidt.

“Collaboration is more than just doing artwork that combines artist’s work. It does not involve subjugation or assimilation of an artist’s work, but rather adding to that work. The energy of collaborating on a project produces creative output that spills over into the art practices of all the artists involved. The influence and challenge results in opening up new ways of working and through that, new artworks emerge.”

“Working on our exhibition, not only opened up new techniques and materials for me but strengthened my resolve to work in collaboration with other artists”.

The Works

The three works displayed under the name of Megan Schmidt are earlier works that typified Julian’s works at the time she met Cecilia. Two of these are examples of her beautiful landscapes created in oil. In Untitled, painted on canvas, a technique developed by Megan has been used to produce the detailed veining seldom seen in oil works. In Boiling Point, painted on board, Megan has used stones to create the heavy texturing. This work has a very metallic look and is often mistakenly believed to be painted on metal.

White AlchemistBlack Alchemist and Self Portrait are all in a sense self portraits, conveying different states of being in relation to the theme. They speak of conjuring up new energy from within.

Codex of CapitulationCascade & Luck Dragon all convey a similar theme – that of falling into a state of surrender. Codex of Capitulation speaks of a text by which the soul surrenders with trust into the abyss. Cascade conveys the beauty of falling like water over an edge, albeit into some dark areas one may find oneself. Luck Dragon, (a favorite of Julian’s) reveals a creature traveling horizontally across the work promising good luck to the soul that travels.

All other works included here are discussed under Collaborative Works.