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Cecilia Orr, Business Development Manager

Prior to becoming an artist, Cecilia had a successful 20+ years as a self employed management consultant working in countries around the world. It was during her last assignment, while visiting art galleries in Europe, that she developed a passion for art.

Having no prior knowledge, but letting her heart be her guide, she found many works moved her so greatly that she would talk excitedly to those around her. This resulted in her being offered management roles in 3 major galleries, when the owners mistakenly believed she knew about art. What she really knew was simply what she loved.

Upon returning to NZ in 2000, what started simply as an interest between projects quickly became the start of a new career in art, when personal circumstances took her to a small tourist town 3 hours from the nearest city. Drawing on her management background she found she was readily able to earn a living in her new career.

It did not take long to realize this was not the norm in the art world after seeing numerous artists “with more artistic training and talent”, struggle to survive day to day. It was with a desire to help a talented but struggling fellow artist that Cecilia established Collaborations NZ.

After completing several successful collaborative projects involving artists from a range of disciplines (painting, engineering, poetry, photography, welding, and print making), Cecilia decided to take this concept abroad. In 2009, Cecilia moved to Wimberley, Texas and the rest is history.

Megan Mickelsen, Owner

With a Bachelor of Science and a Masters in Land Economics and Real Estate from Texas A&M University, Megan also has a varied background.

For the last 24 years she has been a self employed Real Estate Appraiser and Broker, working in both commercial and residential markets at various times.

Prior to that, Megan worked in retail management, hospitality and ranch management (pure and cross bred cattle and Arabian horses). She is certified in artificial insemination and embryo transfer, and was a reproduction specialist on a registered Brangus ranch near Austin. Megan has also been a breeder of nationally ranked Bouvier des Flandres.

While not an artist herself, Megan gained an appreciation of art from her mother and other family members, who were talented artists.

Upon learning of the opportunity to be involved in a collaborative art projects company aimed at helping artists, Megan visited Cecilia in New Zealand to view the operations there. Seeing the excitement of the artists involved in the project, the quality of the art and its affect on visitors to the gallery, Megan’s interest was peaked. A second trip confirmed her initial positive reactions and Megan invited Cecilia to visit her in Wimberley.

After 12 months of investigations, the two agreed to take the next step. Megan established Collaborations LC (dba Fe29), employing Cecilia as Business Development Manager.