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Lines from a Song

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171130 - Simon Ogden - Lines from a Song Front Page
171129 - Romeo and Juliet
171201 - Arch Centre Green
171201 - Alice
171201 - Macedon
171201 - Paso Doble
171201 - Tangerine Moon
171201 - The Moon is always yours
171201 - Ghost
171201 - Gentle Drape Yellow
171201 -Swing
171201 - OIl Black Sea with Blue
171201 - Blue Rise Yellow Fall
171201 - Buoy
171201 - Tangerine Blue
171201 - Untitled 1 & 2
171201 -Plaster Reliefs
171201 - Two Found Forms


It is a great pleasure to be able to show a range of works produced over the last decade or so in a gallery that presents itself as a domestic environment, not unlike my own home where I am constantly shifting my works and those of others as a visual trigger.

It is interesting – I believe – to be able to offer an overview of my practice and how this practice underpins the formal relationships between one work and another in this exhibition.

I have always moved across painting, collage, object-making, design, printmaking, photography and drawing in many ways. Each of these areas of creative activity reinforces and extends the possibilities of my continuing practice. I am an avid collector of materials, an obsessive viewer of environments, surfaces, histories and forms. And I love the transformative power of art.

Whether the work is almost entirely abstract (and – of course – all works are in reality) or more figuratively narrative (in other words, telling a story of some kind), it is the choreography of forms, symbolisms and media that gives meaning to each and all of them. Together, the works on show can be viewed as a continual exploration of pictorial narratives, figure and ground relationships, experiences and travels.