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Megan Schmidt

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Untitled' oil on canvas
Megan Schmidt
Artworks - Untitled
Boiling Point; oil & stones on board
Megan Schmidt
Artworks - Boiling Point
Gilding; oil on canvas
Megan Schmidt
Artworks - Gilding
Julian Maher 930 x 456

“As an artist I have two very different approaches to image making and this is reflected in my two names, Megan Schmidt & Julian Maher.

Painter Megan Schmidt is an award winning artist with more than 20 notable years in fine arts and design. She completed her undergraduate degree early in her career and for many years has been widely exhibited throughout New Zealand, becoming a finalist in the prestigious Norsewear competition 3 times.

Megan took a break from her art career to pursue other interests, returning to undertake a Masters program. It was while completing her Masters, and working with five other artists, across a range of disciplines, that she decided to call herself Julian Maher for all multi-media and collaborative work, keeping Megan Schmidt for her work as a painter of beautiful landscapes. In 2003, under the name of Julian Maher, she was runner up in the Mazda Emerging Artist of New Zealand.

In 2007, Julian completed (with honors) her Masters in Fine Art and Design at Auckland University of Technology, and for the next few years she moved between New Zealand and the United States. During this time she participated in a number of Artist in Residence programs and was exhibited in galleries, both in New Zealand and the US.

In late 2008, Julian joined forces with fellow artist Cecilia Orr who had a similar interest in the collaborative art process.

“Upon seeing Cecilia’s art it was obvious that our work was very compatible, not only visually but more importantly, conceptually“. Julian

Over the next 6 months the two worked together to complete some 30 works which were exhibited in the opening exhibition for Collaborations, NZ. Julian undertook training as a High School Art teacher, before returning to the US at the end of 2011 to collaborate on pieces for the opening exhibition for Fe29, USA.

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