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Discussing a possible future direction for ceramicist, Sarah Rochlack.
Mentorship - Sarah
Croix and Ryan are typical of the artists Fe29 wants to help. They are talented, hard working
and open to new ideas that could help them launch their careers as artists
Mentorship - Ryan & Croix
Successful furniture designer Mark Love just needed a little help to get his confidence up
for his first art collaboration.
Mentorship - Mark
Croix Ryan and Cecilia review a prototype of one of Croix new designs.
Mentorship - Croix new work
Cecilia and Venessa Hill (photographer) discuss possibile future directions for V's art
Mentorship - Venessa
Daniel Armstrong (ceramicist) is about to start work with Fe29. He commented after his first visit
"I feel so inspired to get into some new work"
Mentorship - Daniel

When Fe29 first takes an artist on we critique their work with the aim of helping them identify what sets them apart from other artists and defines their unique voice. Understanding that, we work with them to open up possible new directions for future artistic development, assisting them in their decision making. Reviewing their work practices is an important step in helping them find ways to maintain or improve the quality of their work and/or the cost effectiveness of their process in the long term.

Many talented artists that we see at Fe29 have been working at a level well below what they are capable of. Often they have been doing the same thing over and over just to make a living. One of the tools we use to take them out of their “box”, is to have them work alongside other artists. This introduction to the work of others provides stimulation for new ideas in their own work.

The Texas hill country offers a wealth of talented artists in close proximity and Fe29 organizes trips to different studios to expose our artists to new ideas and techniques. While our emphasis is on helping local artists, Fe29 will bring in visiting artists from other parts of the country and even overseas to ensure we continue to introduce fresh ideas for our projects and our artists.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with Fe29, and am already feeling more positive about being able to move forward with creation of my new designs. Their vision has helped me to identify practical constraints in my existing work practices and we have already started investigating more efficient ways to get my designs off the drawing board and past the prototype stage”. Sculptor Croix Williamson