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Our Approach

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The Fe29 approach is innovative in its extensive use of the concept of collaboration, which creates a fun and stimulating environment for the creation of art.

Our approach  offers artists opportunities for broadening their ideas and skills, and encourages innovation and experimentation.

Understanding that some of the most talented artists do not have formal training and qualifications in art,  Fe29 has implemented a selection process that puts talent and attitude above training and qualifications.

Recognizing that artists come from all walks of life, Fe29 looks also to other disciplines to identify ‘artists’ that might not only benefit from being involved in our projects, but also make a substantial contribution to both the projects and the development of  the other artists involved.

While Fe29 has been established with the goal of helping talented but as yet unproven artists, we also look to interest and generosity of those already successful to bring their ideas and experience to our projects and  newer artists.

We value and respect our artists and strive to maintain an understanding  of their changing needs.

Fe29 believes that artistic development and career advancement go hand in hand, and we work to achieve recognition and financial reward for our artists.

Recognizing the importance of the art buyer to the success of Fe29 and its artists, we strive to establish a growing reputation as a successful coordinator of projects that deliver high quality and innovative art products within agreed budgets and deadlines.