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Presentation Services

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Artist Julian discusses the lighting of Self Portrait with photographer Jean Anne
before she takes the final shot.
Presentation - Photo Shoot 5
Manuel helps Brad set up "Cascade" for professional Jean Anne Bybee to photograph
Presentation - Photo Shoot 4
Brad Rogers, Jean Anne's trusted partner, takes us through the images of the latest work for us all to check.
Presentation - Checking the results
Pondering framing solutions for works for the Transcending Pathos collaborative exhibition.
Presentation - Pondering
Framing Self Portrait. A patinated brass matt and steel frame was added to a work by Julian Maher
The artist commented "I have never seen my works presented so well".
Presentation - Framing Self Portrait
A creative solution. The frame component of Peace Like a River is again an integral part of the work.
Presentation Cecilia & Marks Piece
Metal artist Denise Molina suggest a possible way
to mount another work by ceramicist, Sarah Rochlack
Presentation - Sarah & Denise
Denise presents her ideas for mounting "Terminal"
a work by Sarah Rohlack.
Presentation - Denise & Cecilia

Many artists do not consider the framing and mounting of their works until after they have been completed. Even then their budgets for this component are often very low and the end result often reflect this.

Fe29 believes that framing and mounting is a critical element of the work itself as it affects the impact of the artist’s work on the viewer and therefore its marketability. We encourage our artists to consider this element from the beginning and work with them to help  find creative, innovative and elegant solutions  that will ensure the highest quality product is presented to clients.

The framing and mounting of all works included in the exhibitions Transcending Pathos and First Light were designed and implemented by Fe29 artists. Painter Julian Maher commented that she had never seen her works presented so well. The higher prices received for these works indicated the buyers agreed.

Peace Like a River shows how the copper work of Cecilia Orr benefited from the framing elements added by furniture designer Mark Love.

Another area Fe29 assists it’s artists is with the professional photographing of artworks for marketing purposes. Not many new artists can afford to have their works professionally photographed, but by utilizing the skills of artist photographers working with Fe29, we can obtain high quality images of the works at a reasonable cost. This approach benefits all parties including our photographic artists, who are offered opportunities for earning supplementary income.