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Project Management

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Metal artists Croix Williamson and Ryan Scott-Nairns involved in
concept planning with Fe29 Project Manager Cecilia
Project Mgmt - Meeting
Showing visitors around and discussing possibilities
Project Mgmt - Visitors
Providing guidance to writer Chris Cander as she stamps her poem into the copper work.
Project Mgmt - Chris
Visiting furniture designer Mark Love in his workshop to discuss
his involvement in another collaborative art project
Project Mgmt - Mark
Reviewing progress on the base that Mark is creating for the stamped copper work
Project Mgmt - Fabric Ply
Checking out how it all works together with Mark's creative new end components
Project Mgmt - Mark Fabric
Introducing artists for a possible collaboration
Project Mgmt - Sarah Lg Work
Reviewing progress on a new project
Project Mgmt - The Bench

Project Management Skills

Fe29 projects are managed by our Business Development Manager, who is not only a successful artist but also has more than 20 years experience as a self employed management consultant working on recovery of large projects for clients such as the Australian Department of Defence, Weyerhaeuser and A P Møller (Maersk A/S) Denmark.

Prior to moving to the United States, Cecilia started a similar operation in New Zealand, initiating and providing oversight for a number of collaborative art projects involving artists from a variety of backgrounds. One of these projects provided virtually all of the artworks for an award winning boutique hotel.

Cecilia initiated her first collaborative art project to help another artist after recognizing that her own success was tied as much to her management skills as to her artistic talent.

Project Phases

Fe29 works with the client to ascertain the proposed site and purpose of the work, and the feeling the client wants to convey. Any specific requirements with regards to dimensions, medium, functionality, delivery timeframe, etc are also factors taken into consideration. At this time clients are encouraged to visit our Satellite Gallery in Austin and The Art Lab in Wimberley to see examples of our work and to check out our facilities.

Fe29 puts artists together depending on the project requirements. We not only consider factors such as the artists’ mediums, processes, style, skills and skill levels but also their personalities and the speed and manner in which they work.

Preparation and monitoring of the plan through all phases of the project is handled by the project manager and the client is invited to visit the facility to review progress of the work at critical stages.