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Exhibitions & Events

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John Drawbridge Exhibition
Glimpses Exhibition
Clive Barker Exhibition
Peter Nicholls Exhibition
Works on Paper Exhibition
Marion Beaupere Exhibition
Edward Povey Exhibition
First Light Exhibition

Fe29 holds regular exhibitions of exciting new works and artists not previously seen in New Zealand.

The Fe29 Gallery displays the works in a relaxed home environment, which is not only comfortable for our clients but also makes it easier to envisage the works in their intended location.

Our current exhibition, which closes 30th Nov, 2016 is “Reflections” Peter Nicholls - 32 selected works from a 50+ year career

Upcoming exhibition - Dec 3  - Dec 14, 2016 “Clive Barker – A private collection offered for sale” – A collection of 30 works by Clive Barker, film Director, novelist & visual artist