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Small Works

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Untitled 1, Steel
Croix Williamson
Artwork - Orange Half Ball
Untitled 2; steel
Croix Williamson
Artwork - Spiral Half Ball
In Memory of; copper, zinc & steel
Cecilia Orr
Artwork - In memory
Spirits, Copper, zinc & steel
Cecilia Orr
Artwork - Spirits
Passage; copper, zinc & steel
Cecilia Orr
Artwork - Passage
Hidden Places; copper & cedar
Jane Orr
Artwork - Hidden Places
Energy; copper, silver, board & steel
Jane Orr
Artwork - Energy
Cup & Saucer Flute; ceramic
Sarah Rohlack
Artwork - Cup & Saucer Flute
For the Past to Carry Cup and Saucer
Sarah Rohlack
Artwork - For the Past to Carry Cup & Saucer
Biochemical Cup and Saucer, Ceramic
Sarah Rohlac
Artwork - Biochemical Cup & Saucer
Immersion; ceramics
Sarah Rohlack
Artwork - Immersion
Saturation, Ceramic
Sarah Rohlack
Artwork - Saturation
Prospering, Ceramic
Sarah Rohlack
Artwork - Prospering
5 Square Knot, steel
Croix Williamson
Artwork - 5 Square Knot 1
Ball Spiral, steel
Croix Williamson
Artwork - Ball Spiral
Listening Spiral, Steel
Croix Williamson
Artwork - Listening Spiral
Window Spiral; steel
Croix Williamson
Artwork - Window Spiral
Gilding; oil on canvas
Megan Schmidt
Artwork - Gilding

Fe29 produces bodies of works that function well together and  include pieces in a range of sizes and mediums.  To date the works have included sculptures, furniture, paintings & drawings, metal works for the wall, mixed media, ceramics, photographs, jewelry and architectural pieces.

To make things easier for the client looking for something for a particular space or purpose, we have grouped the works according to both size and type (furniture, paintings & drawings, sculptures, etc).

Please note that neither jewelry nor photographs have been included in the groups by size.