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Tanya Ashken

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Dark Apollo
Young Nude
Bronze Torso
Ancient Way
Aphrodite II

TANYA ASHKEN – Frances Hodgkins Fellow (1967)

Inspired by Brancusi (whose Paris studio she stumbled upon late one afternoon in 1961), Tanya reveals a constant artistic struggle to inter-relate concept and form and to shape what emerges. With a passionate love of seabirds and animals, the natural world is both the source and purpose for Tanya’s work. Her challenge – to give performance and solidity to the constantly evolving, moving and changing effects of nature. The result – ideas abstracted into essential form, encouraging the viewer to let the eye travel through the line of the work and beyond.

“She quotes rather than copies nature in the discovery of her own unique forms, and she treats her subject matter with a sympathy and a delicacy which is indicative of a deep concern for the natural world.” Stephen Cain

If nature has been an ongoing inspiration, then culture has provided a balance in Tanya’s quest for form – pre-Classical and Classical traditions of her European heritage a strong motivation.

Her sensuous sculptures embody strength, elegance and timelessness – Classical in spirit and organic in form.