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The Art Lab

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The 30' x 60' Lab is nestled amongst the trees at the back of the property.
Art Lab - Exterior 1
The 12' doors on all sides provide great cross ventilation
and bring the relaxed feel of the woodlands into the shop.
Art Lab - Exterior Partial
Easy access for loading and unloading to both The Lab and The Coop.
Art Lab - Exterior Truck
12'' of insulation in the walls and ceiling keep things comfortable.
Heavy duty tables on wheels provide options for artists.
Facilities - Workshop Interior
2 hoists on rollers assist with lifting of large works.
Outlets each 5' along all walls provides easy access to power.
Art Lab - Interior West
Stumps from trees cleared to make room for The Lab make great additions to the workshop.
A large sliding door provides
Art Lab - Interior South
The finishing room also provides a good place for displaying artworks.
Art Lab - Interior Brake
Ample space for a number of artists and for working on extra large works.
Art Lab - Interior Group
Megan, Daniel & Sarah lifting a large work with the hoists.
Art Lab - Working Hoist
Artists work on projects in both the main and finishing rooms of the shop.
Art Lab - Two Rooms
Working at night is also a pleasure with the high powered T8 lights.
Art Lab - Night Time
The coop contains a well equipped jewelry room and spaces for working,
storage, and possible additional artist accommodation.
Art Lab- Coop
The 'Coop' also provides some good external work spaces for artists.
and being so close simplifies communications.
Art Lab - Coop Rear
The light in this room is great for painting. The deck provides additional space for
artists to paint or simply relax and reflect on their work while enjoying the outlook.
Art Lab - Coop Deck
Specialist wood working equipment and expertise is provided by furniture
designer and new Fe29 artist Mark Love just two minutes down the road.
Art Lab - Mark
Ryan and Croix kindly make their metal shop in Austin available for Fe29 projects
Art Lab - Croix & Ryans shop

The Lab  is a heavily insulated, 30′ x 60′ workshop. It has 12′ doors on each of its four sides to catch the breeze and to bring the relaxed feel of the surrounding grounds into the workshop. A large 7′ x 12′ insulated pocket door connects the main area to a separate climate controlled finishing room with rack storage for completed works.

Below the 18′ ridge in the main room, is an I-beam with hoists to enable artists to work on large, heavy pieces. The hoists also simplify the loading and unloading of materials and artworks brought in through the 12’ doors.

The many large tables constructed from leftover purlins and fitted with heavy duty wheels, not only provide work space  for a number of artists but also aid in the movement of artworks and materials between the workshop areas. They can also be easily locked together in different configurations to provide very large works surfaces as required for projects.

When daylight is not sufficient, the shop has eight high powered T8 fluorescent lights.

Each work area runs off a different power circuit and outlets have been installed every 5′ along each of the walls to enable a number of artists to work concurrently.

Other structures on the property provide interior and exterior works spaces for artists whether they want to work with others, or find some private space to develop their ideas and create in solitude.

The range of equipment and materials continues to grow as demand dictates. Fe29 currently provides metal, wood working and jewelry equipment as well as items required by sculptors, painters, etc.

Fe29 continues to build its supply of materials which currently includes a variety of timbers, metal (copper, steel, zinc, etc),   paint, and an increasingly impressive range of found objects.

Additional offsite facilities are provided by artists and businesses in the area with whom Fe29 has developed mutually beneficial relationships. These facilities offer additional space and in some cases, specialized equipment.

See our other facilities including  Artist Accommodation, The Art Lab Gallery in Wimberley and Satellite Gallery in Austin