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Transcending Pathos

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Corporeal; galvanized iron & steel
Cecilia Orr in collaboration with Julian Maher
Artworks - Corporeal
Prologue; paint, charcoal, shellac & copper on board with steel
Julian Maher & Cecilia Orr
Artworks - Prologue
Codex of Capitulation; paint, charcoal, shellac & brass on board with steel
Julian Maher in collaboration with Cecilia Orr
Artworks - Codex of Capitulation
Separation; copper & steel
Cecilia Orr
Artworks - Separation
An Angel; copper, zinc & steel
Cecilia Orr
Artworks - An Angel
Passage; copper, zinc & steel
Cecilia Orr
Artworks - Passage
Transcending Pathos; copper, steel & Kwila
Cecilia Orr
Artworks - Transcending Pathos
Departure; copper, zinc & steel
Cecilia Orr
Artworks - Departure
In Memory of; copper, zinc & steel
Cecilia Orr
Artworks - In memory
Spirits; copper, zinc & steel
Cecilia Orr
Artworks - Spirits
Energy; copper & silver on board with steel
Jane Orr
Artworks - Energy
Life's Cycle; copper on board with Rimu & steel
Jane Orr
Artworks - Life
Terrain; copper, silver & Kwila
Jane Orr
Artworks - Terrain
Haast; copper on board with White Oak
Jane Orr
Artworks - Haast
Currents; copper, Kwila & steel
Jane Orr
Artworks - Currents
Strata; copper, steel & Kauri
Jane Orr
Artworks - Strata

Transcending Pathos was the first collaborative exhibition of artists Cecilia Orr (metal/mixed media) and Julian Maher (painter).  In addition to the works completed during the project, the exhibition included works of both artists completed prior to the start of the project. These were included to show the change in the work of both artists as a result of the collaborative process. These works are signed Jane Orr and Megan Schmidt, the names the artists were using for their art at the time they met.

“Upon seeing Cecilia’s art it was obvious that our work was very compatible, not only visually but more importantly, conceptually.”  Julian Maher

“As far as our collaborative work is concerned neither of us planned anything before we began. Rather it developed through the process of interaction and the inspiration that produces” Cecilia Orr – Mixed media artist

At times this process is challenging requiring co-operation and in some sense a dismantling of authorship, but the results far outweigh the supposed loss. I would gladly admit this project with Cecilia has changed my career. From working alone as a painter” my objective is now, as it is with Cecilia, to create artworks in conjunction with other artists” Julian Maher – Painter

 All the collaborative works are intriguingly seamless which makes it extraordinary that the two talents only met in February this year:” Otago Daily Times, Dunedin, NZ.