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FIRST LIGHT: Opening Reception Photos!

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Opening Night 7
Opening Night 4
Opening Night 1
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FIRST LIGHT: Opening Reception Photos!

The opening reception for “First Light”, the Fe29 debut exhibition in the US, was a great success. Over 100 guests  enjoyed good food, good company and of course, great art! Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time, as evidenced by the many guests who spilled out onto the street and partied until late into the night. Thank you all for taking the time to help us celebrate.

We would also like to thank those who helped us with the exhibition and made this a night to remember. Firstly our landlord Cid Galindo who not only allowed us to use his beautiful office space for this event but was kind enough to open up his living quarters to make the caterer’s job more pleasant.  Not only is Cid very generous but he also makes good conversation and is a great party guest!

We would also like to thank Glazer’s for their very generous gift of some very good wine, which was enjoyed by all, David and Pam Taylor who did a great job catering; Lenore Avant and John Gallagher for helping us set up; Paul Beck from Paul Beck Productions who went out of his way to pull together a  track of sounds from the workshop after a last minute request; Benjamin Slade & Adam Rasmus for not only designing the invitation but also for going out of their way to ensure we had signage, a slide show, etc for the night.

We look forward to seeing you all at our next exhibition. Watch this space.

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